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Tips to Have a Warm and Cosy Loft Conversion in Essex!

Loft conversions are done so that you can start making the most out of the unused area. However, the conversion becomes useless at a later stage when you figure out that the place is freezing during the winters! Thus you must make sure that the loft conversion in Essex should be done in such a way that the transformed space remains as warm as other rooms. Suggest your loft conversion provider to take care of the following before they commence with the loft conversion at your place:

Insulate it

The loft conversion specialist hired by you will have to check the levels of insulation and see whether they meet with the requirements. There arises a need to install the insulation in the roof rafters so that the place can remain warm. You can also get extra insulation on the floor so that the room can turn sound proof.

Get Excellent quality windows

If you can afford good quality windows, nothing better than that! Velux-type windows that are double glazed work great to keep the room warm. But before you go for loft conversion in Essex, you can ask the company providing these services to suggest you with some good quality windows. The windows have to be sealed and fitted properly.

Heating it

When you cannot provide heat to the room, it means either the radiators do not work properly or your central heating system is not right for the lofts. This is when the electric heating comes to the rescue. You can obtain advice about choosing the area for placing the heaters from the companies providing loft conversion in Colchester.

Conduct a check after the loft conversion is over so that you that you can make sure the room is not losing heat from anywhere. Look for the cracks in window seals and the places where the stairs have been placed. A good company providing conversion in Colchester will make sure the that the transformed place remains warm and cosy. Sleep well!

Potrait Photographer in Essex: What Makes Them Different from Amateurs?

There are numerous photographers out there who claim to capture amazing portraits. However, when you have a look at the portraits clicked by them, you do not fancy the work of all the photographers. A professional photographer is the one who transforms mediocrity to excellence. Here is what makes a potrait photographer in Essex different as compared to an amateur one.

Camera tactics

Several people who own a professional camera think that they can click great pictures. Unfortunately, it is not so. A great camera held by an amateur will never give you results that a portrait photographer in Chelmsford can give. Whether it is a business portrait, an intimate bedroom portrait or a family one, a professionals knows about camera angles, head shots and many other factors which can benefit you with great portraits.

Lightings and moods

The amount of lighting needed and the ambiance created before clicking picture plays an important role in the making of a picture perfect portrait. An amateur photographer lacks these insights and call the result to be good just by clicking. A professional photographer knows when and how to capture the essence of the moment. If the portrait doesn’t evoke emotions in you, it is useless!

Establishing rapport

It is quite obvious that you will be more familiar with a friend or a family member clicking your picture. However, you must know that only a portrait photographer in Essex can give you great results. They establish rapport with the client in no time and give great results. If you feel uncomfortable, you have perhaps selected a wrong photographer. A good photographer suggests poses that are not clichéd and awkward. Moreover, he/she has a perfect know how of using lightings properly and gives you a proper exposure.

It is better not to think that hiring a portrait photographer in Chelmsford will cost you a lot as their charges are quite reasonable. Besides, your loved one will be able to spend time with you and enjoy to the fullest!

Big Tree Planting in IL: Why to Consult an Experienced Tree Specialist?

People who love trees often consider hiring specialist tree services that provide all kinds of services related to trees. These firms analyze and provide a report to the client before they start working on their properties. Large tree planting at suitable location is carried out by the tree specialists who are experienced and qualified.

They choose the right place

It is very important for the large tree planting company in Illinois to choose an appropriate place for planting a large tree. The tree should not cause any hindrance for clients later on in terms of property or life damage. The arborists can assist the client in deciding what type of tree would be suitable for the property and the surrounding environs.

The large tree planting company in Illinois sees to it that the tree is not planted near a main road, drains, driveways, home, etc.

They examine

For the large tree planting in Illinois, an arborist firm makes a hole in the ground with needed depth, places needed soil, carefully removes the tree from containers and place the trees in the ground with proper height and depth. The ground is then filled up. Inspection is done whether the tree roots are well established in the ground. Regular follow up care is undertaken by the specialists.

They plant trees carefully

Experts say that big tree planting in Illinois should be carried out in a befitting season like fall or spring. The tree specialists also prune some parts of the trees if need be for the better growth. They usually plant the trees near a place where water is easily available. Extreme care is taken by the tree service that the roots of the trees do not get damaged during the planting process.

The procedure for large tree planting in Illinois also involve using insecticides to prevent insects and diseases on trees if required.

This is why consulting a big tree planting in Illinois firm is a responsible job to undertake.

An Interactive App Making Your Children Love Long Division!

We come across anxious parents, who want to teach their children algorithms including long division in a simple manner. The children can learn anything new or difficult only when it is mixed with fun, interaction and innovative ideas. The Long Division Games App is just the right product for them. These are the reasons why your kids will love the app.

Long Division possible in 3 Steps

The Long Division Lite App is an engaging app made to help children within the age of 7 to 15. The children can learn innovative ways to solve simple and complex division sums through this app with just 10 long division sums. Having just 3 memorable steps, it turns out to be a learning tool for the children, taking the load away from parents.

Instruction video

Through this video Long Division is Made Easy as it has an introductory video. There are characters named Mizards who introduce themselves and explain how to use the app with their help. Furthermore, features like practice rounds, a personalized hint page, personal player accounts, etc help the kids and parents to play n learn the division. If you and your children are wondering how to do long division, this app is an answer to your query.

Interactive features

Long Division is Made Easy due to several interactive features of this app. The children can earn stars, collect trophies as they solve each round and share their achievements on social media. This simple app makes learning fun by the introduction of 5 friends known as Mizards. They are the backbone of the app and interact with the users throughout the game. Users can start with 1 or 2 digit divisors without any fear of penalties for a wrong answer.

Become Master Mizards

As the children complete the last round, they become ‘Master Mizards’. The kids then can teach their friends long division by learning the simple formula of this app. This game can be played with 4 friends, by setting difficulty levels and practice levels along with the feature of adding personal sums.

The app is available for Android smart phones and 7” tablets. The children will not only learn division in an innovative way, but it will also assist them in several ways.

Deciding on the Apt Kitchen Design for Your Essex Kitchen

Spacious and extra large kitchens are in vogue. But just extra space isn’t all that is needed to make your kitchen look great. You need to invest wisely with the correct kitchen supplier in Essex in order to turn your ordinary kitchen into a high-end luxury kitchen.

kitchen design by your Essex designer

Having a luxury kitchen doesn’t mean you buy two microwaves, two dishwashers or the costliest refrigerator. The best kitchens are those that are free of clutter. Kitchens should look inviting and this won’t happen if you fill up your kitchen with a lot of things. Keep things to a bare minimum. Too many overhanging pans will also make the kitchen look crowded, no matter how wonderful the kitchen design by your Essex designer.

How do I turn drab to luxury?

Luxury kitchens will have the proportionate counter and island designs. The materials one selects for the flooring, walls and counters needs to complement each other. Marble and luxury are synonymous and this stone makes for a great option as flooring and countertop. Try a combination of wooden flooring boards or slate and granite or quartz counters! Another costly but beautiful option is soapstone for the kitchen island and countertop. Glass is used too, but your kitchen supplier in Essex will warn you that it is delicate for use as a countertop.


Once you have decided on the basics, you can think of other things that will go into the making of a luxury kitchen. Make sure you have a large surface area for cooking and hobs with extra burners. For a stylish touch, get a Teppanyaki grill! Don’t forget to get an extractor fan or exhaust installed to keep your kitchen free of smells and smoke. Needless to say, a fridge is a must. Get a separate freezer if you require. Adequate lighting is of importance and you can go eco-friendly with LED lights.

It is not that difficult to transform your kitchen with the proper approach by your kitchen design experts in Essex.

Basics of Industrial Shelving and Storage Units to Help You Choose the Best!

Shelves are important for everyone. They help us to store and organize several items. While one needs shelves of minimum strength for personal use at home, industrial shelving and storage options need to be a lot stronger. One also gives little thought to appearance in case of shelves for industrial use. There are many types of shelves to choose from. Designs are based on some basic points.

Open or closed shelves

If you need access to the items in the rack from 360 degrees, an open shelf is the best choice. These racks let maximum light through them so that you can easily spot what you need from the shelf. These racks also allow air to circulate which will keep your tools and other items dry. If you need something sturdier than steel racking, you can opt for shelves that are accessible form only one side. These are also beneficial in limiting small parts from rolling around or falling down.


You need to decide if you need doors on the shelves or not. If not, the shelves would allow employees to access materials stored in the rack easily. You may need doors to protect items in shelves from various chemicals, excessive heat or even theft. This is great for industrial shelving and storage where items may be exposed to high temperatures, pressure and chemicals.

Nut and bolt or clip shelves

Posts are attached with the help of nuts and bolts in the case of a nut and bolt shelving unit. This is the sturdiest of all types of storage options. In the other variety, metal clips are used to secure posts and nuts and bolts are used only on the top and bottom tiers. There are also bolt-less shelves available. These are designed to hold lesser weight as compared to the previous two types of steel racking. Installing these shelves is very easy as there are no nuts, bolts or clips involved.

With these basics in mind, you will be able to select the best shelf according to your needs.

Setting Up a Call Centre? Contact Office Furniture Supplier in London

The call centre market is a demanding one. There is constant pressure looming over the heads of business owners to process as many customer interactions as possible. This needs to be done without increasing overhead costs, which means you need to boost productivity. If you purchase from the best office furniture supplier in London, you won’t have a single cause of worry. This is because comfortable office furniture is a major factor that affects productivity of employees. Here are some ideas that you can implement and make profit all the way!



Each workstation should have ample desk space. If a desk unit has a lot of workstations, each employee will have lesser space to work in. You will easily find an office furniture supplier in Essex who supplies units that can be linked to each other in order to extend the workstation. The drawers need to be narrow so as to increase leg room. Modern desks are round or oval with 6 to 8 workspaces. The cables and related wiring can be connected through a circular space in the centre. The employees sit facing the centre of the desk unit and this enables them to communicate effectively. Get in touch with an office furniture supplier in London to see if they can provide something exclusive according to your needs.


As employees will be working for a maximum of 9 hours a day, comfortable seating is a must. One will find a range of ergonomic designs in the market. Ergonomic furniture provides appropriate support to the back and the body as a whole.


Screens are generally used to designate individual work spaces. An employee can feel a level of privacy and can also concentrate on the work better.

Call centre furniture needs to be such that allows employees to communicate easily and provides privacy at the same time. Discuss your requirements with an office furniture supplier in Essex as they may be able to design bespoke furniture.